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Thanks to everyone who has attended the first two sessions of Tertiary Prep.  If you’re keen to re-watch the Shift Happens video clip I showed last week, you’ll find the link in the Session 1 page.  If you want to know the background to this Shift Happens movement you’ll find a link to their Wiki on the Information Society page or you could even type “Shift Happens” into YouTube and see the variety of different ones you can watch.

During one of our sessions last week I introduced Zite, an online magazine which encapsulates the idea of the spirit of the time or embracing a particular thought or idea prevalent at a moment in time.  This is an app for your i-phone, smart phone or tablet and you can customise it to your own particular interests.  It’s worth taking a look.

To wrap up the key points of this week’s session:

  • Pre-research
  • Selection of keywords for in-depth searching
  • Brainstorming of words with similar meanings to widen search
  • Have a research plan
  • Write down successful search phrases
  • Take note of other terms to use for extending your search during background reading
  • Consider using a variety of sources including books, encyclopaedias, journal articles, databases, different search engines

You’ll find more information about this with links to resources in the Researching Online Tutorial page for session 2.

During one of our sessions this week I spoke about the concept of the filter bubble in Google.  Eli Pariser describes it very well and it’s worth a watch.  It’ll make you think about how the flow of information is being controlled in a way that’s not obvious.  Is this important to scholarly research?

I also strongly encouraged this group (and now all of you!) to take a look at Ted Talks. This non-profit organisation is all about ideas that are worth sharing – TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.  There are many “Top Lists” (just Google “Ted Talks” to find them) or you can take a look down the left-hand side of the Ted Talks website main page to find different categories to choose from.

To get you started:  Here’s links to three of my personal favourites – One to do with my work as an educator, one to do with my love of reading and one to do with my love of singing and choirs.  If you find one that you love, please comment on this post and share it with everyone.

Finally, why not comment on one thing that you’ve already learned so far during our sessions that you either didn’t know before or its reminded you about it, and how you might use it.


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Research and Learning Coordinator at Southland Boys' High School, Invercargill, New Zealand
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