Pre-Unit Survey

Thanks to all of you who have signed up to the 2013 Tertiary Prep Unit.  I just want to you know how awesome I think you all are and how much impressed I am that you have all chosen to spend one of your study periods each week for the next six weeks preparing yourself for the next stage in your education journey.

So that I can be as prepared and responsive to what you would like us to cover in these session as possible, could you take a couple of minutes to fill out this survey before this Friday.  It will really help me with my planning for the next few weeks.


Also, this website has been set up for you all.  I hope you will reflect and discuss here on anything that comes from this unit.  I will post here regularly with anything useful from each of the three weekly sessions together.  Remember, these will be driven very much by you; your comments and observations and I’ll do my best to share across the three groups the “good oil” that comes from them.  I will also put any links I share during our time together so please visit the site regularly as it will be updated often.


About sengaw

Research and Learning Coordinator at Southland Boys' High School, Invercargill, New Zealand
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