Tertiary Prep at Hargest for 2012

This is the 3rd year in the development of the Tertiary Prep tutorials at James Hargest College.

It has been very much a work in progress.  I realised as part of my continuing work on providing seamless transition of information literacy and research skills across our campuses, year levels and curriculum areas that preparing our motivated senior students, whose plans are to further their education after leaving Hargest, was a crucial part of a larger picture.

This voluntary series of six tutorials sets out to highlight for and engage students in aspects of their learning that will bridge the gap between what they currently know and what they need to know to be successful learners in the tertiary environment.  Interest for the past two years from my Year 13 students has been high and last year I was grateful for the input from Simon Hart the Learning Services Librarian at the Bill Robertson Library, Otago University whose willingness to listen and contribute ideas and suggestions has helped in my thinking and planning. 

So there is no shortage of enthusiasm, passion or desire. Sustainability has been the stumbling block.  So to help transition this concept into something that works for the students and the library staff (i.e: me!) the plan for the 2012 school year is to offer the sessions to Year 13 students as part of Study Centre this year, while also offering them to Year 12 students who all share a study period once a week, while developing online work for our more motivated students who are unable to attend either of these sessions.

I’m extremely excited about being able to present my work to date to the delegates at the upcoming LILAC Conference in Glasgow during April but I’m even more excited about talking with other passionate secondary and tertiary librarians who will no doubt have been working and developing programmes with this “bridge-building” in mind.

I am certain how important the Tertiary Prep tutorials are as part of our whole school approach to literacy and learning.  It’s now about finding the right mixture of time and approach to make it sustainable and embed it into our James Hargest Libraries Information Literacy Programme.

Tutorials will kick off for 2012 in Term 2.  Watch this space!!


About sengaw

Research and Learning Coordinator at Southland Boys' High School, Invercargill, New Zealand
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2 Responses to Tertiary Prep at Hargest for 2012

  1. Judy Waenga says:

    Kia ora Senga
    It was great listening to you at the Heroes Mingle meeting the other night, sounds like some good stuff is happening in your school.
    I was wondering if/where you saw plagiarism, copyright and creative commons fitting in to your teaching?

    • sengaw says:

      Hi Judy
      Glad you enjoyed the session. Sally and Megan are onto a winner with this style of CPD.

      As to your question, I talk about plagiarism with every Y9 and Y10 class. With the Y9 classes we talk about plagiarism and the “cut and paste” mentality when teaching our Dot Jot note taking system as a reason for the “why” we do it this way. We then revisit the idea of information ownership in the online environment during our Y10 unit.

      I’d love to fit Creative Commons into my lessons somewhere and I’m sure the right opportunity will arise.
      As to the Tertiary Prep Unit. We touch on plagiarism again when discussing how in-text citation works.
      I’m very keen to develop a Digital Citizenship lesson and my hope this will fit somewhere into the Y8 or Y9 programme, with a good dollop of Cyber Safety in the Y7 and/or Y8 programme.

      I’m also attempting to work critical literacy into the senior school. Just where at the moment is up in the air, but I’ve been having some positive discussions with my wonderful HOD Science. It’ll happen!

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